Flat Bread Pizza

People come in all shapes and sizes – and so does pizza! In 2018, the world of pizza is catering to people’s taste buds and new ideas. Here are the new and creative pizza trends to look out for and try!
Why not start your day with pizza?! The new creation to look out for is Breakfast Pizza. This is a great option to get for brunch when you are out with friends. The simple ingredient of adding eggs to your pizza is all you need and you can request other ingredients to fit your breakfast craving!
Square pizzas are making a comeback! Did you know the square pizza has historical roots? The square pizza way of life originated in Detroit. According to LAVU, “Naturally, the automotive industry played a role. The square-shaped pans were previously used in auto factories to hold parts together. Additionally, the dough of Detroit-style pizza is inspired by Sicilian recipes, so they have a thicker crust-a long-time popular trend among Americans.”
Pizza comes in all shapes and sizes and the thin crust pizza is on the rise! According to LAVO, “Traditionally known as Roman-style pizza, thin crust is more delicate to hold and in flavor that its thicker counterparts.” Give this Roman-style pizza a try for your next pizza treat!
Many people are on the go and want their pizza fast but still care about quality ingredients. A new trend people are enjoying is seeing their pizza being made right in front of them. They go through an assembly style line to request all their favorite ingredients. You can still be on the go and put some TLC into how your pizza is made!