Apr 12
Mar 19

People come in all shapes and sizes – and so does pizza! In 2018, the world of pizza is catering to people’s taste buds and new ideas. Here are the new and creative pizza trends to look out for and try! Why not start your day with pizza?! The new creation to look… read more →

Nov 22

Some people might forget that even though thanksgiving is one of the most beloved holidays of the year to Americans, it is completely irrelevant to other countries! But, many immigrating citizens have learned to adapt to the holiday and put their own twists on the classic Turkey, mashed potatoes, and… read more →

Oct 16

Who doesn’t love a classic fresh-out-the-oven pizza with pepperoni, pineapple or parmesan? You’d be surprised how many people don’t think of these as “classic” toppings when they think of pizza. Countless countries around the world have some very interesting, unusual toppings that you’d never think of here in the states. In Russia, fish is… read more →

May 12

Win a FREE Large One-Topping Pizza Every Month for a YEAR! Win deliciousness with Pappone’s Prizes scratch offs! Starting June 1st, receive a Pappone’s scratch off with every purchase of $25 minimum. General prizes range from free fountain drinks, plain slices, garlic sticks, french fries, mac & cheese bites, and Pappone’s fries. Grand… read more →

Mar 10

 Join the 2017 Pappone’s Pizza Madness Tournament! Vote each week for your favorite Pappone’s pizza and stay tuned to see which one will take the title of April’s Pizza of the Month! ROUND TWO: ELITE 8  … read more →